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Classic Stonescaping is an expert in drainage and erosion control services. We install, modify and repair all types of drainage systems including French drains, Catch Basins, Channel/Strip Drains, Down Spout Piping as well as Dry Creek Beds. Whatever your drainage and erosion control needs may be, we get the job done right the first time.

Drainage problems do not go away on their own, they only get more expensive. Contact us today for your on site consultation.

Drainage Erosion Control Services:

  • Swales
  • Berms/Ditches
  • Dry Beds/Rip – Rap
  • Downspout Piping

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Create rock beds, dry creek beds or retaining walls to divert water away in an aesthetically and functional way.
A swale is used to control the flow of water by grading a slight channel into the lawn that collects water from higher adjacent areas around it and allows water to flow away from a desired location and having good grading and a proper slope away from the foundation is the first line of defense against water damage.
nstalling a drain tube system can be a relatively easy, inexpensive fix for drainage issues near a house. It requires digging a trench for a tube, installing a catch basin near the house, and installing an out spout for the water at the end of the tube.

Key Benefits of the Service

Every drainage problem is unique and our team will treat it as such. We will wash away your water drainage issues and leave your yard shining brightly. Here are 5 benefits.

  Move water away from the house and foundation
  No basement puddles or pooling
  Stop ponds from forming in your lawn
  Erosion control of your new landscape
  Aesthetically pleasing solution



We look forward to working with you and making your ideas come true!