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Bring Your Outdoor Spaces To Life

Classic Stonescaping installs creative landscape water features for your home. A water feature is a great way to take your yard to the next level. The sound of running water is very relaxing and the addition of a water feature can turn any seating area into a tranquil oasis. Pond less waterfalls are a great choice for those who are hesitant about keeping fish or having larger bodies of water in your yard. A cascading stream flowing over a waterfall into a pond can be created for those with a larger property. Water features can be incorporated into just about any garden setting.

  • Sounds of Nature

    Imagine coming home from work, dropping your papers at the door, and wandering around to the patio table next to your water feature. The stressful day can melt away as you listen to the cascading water washing away your workday cares. But the sounds of nature aren't the only benefit of your water feature.

  • Adapted To Fit Smaller Spaces

    Don't automatically dismiss the idea of including water features in your landscaping design just because you have a small yard. Well-designed pondless water elements don't require much space, so you can still enjoy the sound of water and the increased wildlife without taking up much of your precious land. A water feature can be tucked into an area of your property that previously seemed a waste of space. Often, awkward spaces are the best places to put small water features; you can turn an ill-used area into a beautiful focal point.

  • Low Maintenance

    Unlike swimming pools, which require vigilant monitoring, pondless water features can supply you with texture, natural sounds, and visual interest without much effort at all.